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Tony Little Pillow
The Homedics Micropedic Therapy pillow is also known as Tony Little's pillow.


There is a lot of advertising being conducted for the Tony Little pillow these days, and no one is prouder of these pillows than Tony Little himself. This man knows the value of comfort when you are lying down and he has the story to prove it.

Tony Little was a famous bodybuilder that had a terrible car accident some years ago. His spine was damaged and he had to spend a lot of time in bed. He eventually recovered and went on to launch a new fitness program. His strength and determination got him back on the road to healing. During his convalescence he struggled with pillows because of his spine problem, and now endorses the HoMedics Micropedic Therapy Pillow.

This is great for people that toss and turn at night and wake up with a sore neck. It helps support your head and neck, and even your hips and knees during your sleep. It keeps keep your back aligned and gives you the best night’s sleep that you've ever had, making it well worth the money spent for those looking for a pillow like this one.

The reason it can do all this is it is filled with more than 60 million microbeads that have been air infused. It comes with a quad chamber design that has been patented. It is completely breakthrough technology for the most comfortable pillow ever experienced.

It moves when you move and is self fluffing. You'll never have to suffer with a hot pillow again because it is designed to stay cool by allowing the air to travel right through it. It comes with a machine washable cover that also stays cool unlike cotton pillowcases.  Washing this cover couldn't be much easier either.

Whether you sleep on your front, your back or your side, you will be fully supported with this Tony Little pillow. No other pillow can compete with the microbeads inside this one. The pillows are priced at approximately 50 dollars each, which is a fair price for a good sleep.

If you are a frequent traveler you can use the Tony Little Micropedic Travel Pillow by Homedics. This pillow was also endorsed by Tony Little and is the best travel pillow you can possibly get.

It is filled with 100% polystyrene foam beads, which are light and convenient for traveling. It comes complete with a pillowcase that is machine washable and a zippered case for storage. It has two chambers filled with beads to offer great head and neck support while you are sleeping upright.

You can get two of these pillows for less than twenty dollars including shipping on the Internet.

Your sleep is valuable and worth the price of a Tony Little pillow. It has received great reviews, especially by people that have suffered from back and neck pain. You really don't have to wake up with a sore neck anymore.

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