Microbead Pillow
    Achieve the best comfort and pain relief with a microbead pillow

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Microbead Travel Pillow
Hit the road comfortably with a squishy pillow.

A microbead travel pillow is made from thousands of microbeads that shift around to give your neck and head customized support. It is also known as the squish pillow because these little microbeads move around very easily and the whole pillow squishes down into any shape very easily.

It can sometimes seem impossible to fall asleep while you are traveling. Whether you are going by bus, car, train or airplane there is a limited amount of space for you to get a comfortable rest. These days there are more and more travelers so it is uncommon to find a seat that really reclines.

This means that your neck is going to be unsupported and you will probably fall asleep with it tilted to one side. When you wake up you will probably have a sore neck, which can lead to a nasty headache. On top of that, your neck may get out of place and stay that way during your holiday. What a way to ruin a nice vacation.

The solution to this problem is a microbead travel pillow. They are very easy to transport because they are so flexible. You can put in an already overstuffed suitcase by just squishing it between some items. It is also great for the carry-on bag because it is so lightweight.

These pillows are designed to go behind your neck and squish down right to where they are supposed to go. You will have comfort because it is a customized fit - you lean back and the pillow will conform to your shape.

A microbead travel pillow usually comes in the shape of a horseshoe, which allows it to fit around your neck and stay in position. If you are bumped around a lot on the ride your neck will stay in position because the pillow won't be sliding around. These pillows give you the extra support that you need if you have to sleep in an upright position.

You can pick up these pillows at a local Wal-Mart store starting at eight dollars and up. Depending on the size, you can get a good one for less than twenty dollars. You can also order them on the Internet and get them conveniently shipped to your home.

Another thing about these pillows is that you don’t only have to use them for traveling. If you have a favorite recliner chair that you like to lounge in, then this microbead travel pillow is perfect for giving that little bit of extra neck support you need while watching TV or having a nap.

There is no reason why anybody has to complain about a stiff neck while they are traveling. A microbead travel pillow can virtually save an entire holiday by allowing you to get your much-needed sleep while you are traveling, without a sore neck afterwards.

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