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Inflatable Neck Pillow
Fight off neck pain with pillows for neck comfort.

Going on a holiday can be a great time, but not if you have a neck ache because of a bad sleeping position during your travel. As you are packing and getting ready for your next holiday, don’t forget to bring an inflatable neck pillow to avoid this situation. You'll be able to enjoy your trip so much more.

An inflatable neck pillow is the easiest pillow to pack. You can put it in your suitcase, in your carry-on or it can very easily slip into your purse. These pillows can be folded up to be wallet size, or rolled up with an elastic. They virtually weigh nothing so there will be no added cost if you have to watch the weight of your baggage.

The nice thing about an inflatable neck pillow is you can inflate it to be firm or soft, your choice. There are a variety of different neck pillows on the market today, but you cannot find one with the same convenience and comfort level. With other pillows you cannot customize how firm or soft you want it, you just get what you get.

An inflatable neck pillow is very very simple to use as well. If you're traveling by plane just inflate it on the way out up, and then deflated it on the way down. Stick it back in your purse or carry-on bag and keep it for the next flight.

If you are able to sleep well while you are traveling you will wake up refreshed and ready for your vacation. People that suffer from chronic pain and stiffness will especially enjoy the benefits of waking up without a stiff neck.

One inflatable travel pillow that is recommended is the one made by Hedbed. It folds up small enough to fit into your pocket. It is made to be used with any neck size, and is designed to wrap around your neck and fit neatly under your chin while you are sleeping. It has a soft fleece cover on top of the vinyl pillow, and is available for just a little over ten dollars each.

You might also want to look at the Concierge Inflatable Travel Pillow. It comes in black soft fleece with a removable cover that can be easily cleaned. It offers great support while softly cradling your neck. It is super easy to inflate and deflate as needed. It is around the ten-dollar mark as well, and it definitely makes traveling on airplanes and trains a much more pleasurable experience.

An inflatable neck pillow will not take up much room at all while you are traveling, and is quick to pull out and inflate if you suddenly find yourself nodding off. You can avoid a neck pain problem on your holidays if you simply invest in one of these and remember to pack it before you leave.

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