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Microbead Pillow
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The microbead pillow is a popular item these days because it offers great health benefits to anyone who uses one. They are great for allergy sufferers because they are hypoallergenic. Regular pillows can grow fungus, bacteria and dust mites, but these microbead pillows cannot.

They offer supreme comfort because they offer the exact pressure you need on your head and neck during your sleep. They are filled with polystyrene microbeads, millions of them, which mold into the shape of your head and neck.

You will not have any of your pressure points agitated as you would with a regular pillow. A microbead pillow gives a soft smooth surface to lie down on, and you won't wake up with any creases on your face anymore either.

You will actually feel like your head and neck are being massaged when you move around in bed. These little microbeads move as you do and it is a calming relaxing experience. You also will not have any heat problems like you do with a regular pillow because there is a constant airflow through the microbeads, keeping your head and neck very warm while you sleep.

If you have any kind of neck or back problem then a microbead pillow should be your pillow of choice. Many doctors go as far as endorsing their use to patients in need of relief.   They keep the neck aligned with the back, and many people who have used them have reported back that they have experienced great relief. Some hospitals use them for post surgery patients for extra comfort.

As with everything else, there are far different quality standards for every microbead pillow. Some of these microbeads have been researched and tested by companies, and they use of best ones in their pillows. You can get cheap microbead pillows at your local Wal-Mart, but it is best to stick with the better brands to ensure the highest comfort level.

HoMedics is one of the leaders in microbead pillow technology. These pillows also offer ventilated foam and memory foam clusters as added features. You may find that the HoMedics line of products is a bit more firm, but apparently this is better for your neck and spine. Snooztime and Pike Street also offer high-quality pillows.

Within these brands you will have a range of sizes colors and fabrics to choose from. If you order them off the Internet you can find deals for buying two at a time, which is great if you have another family member that would like to try one as well. Some major department stores carry these brands, as do specialty bedding stores.

The price range varies for these pillows, from ten dollars up to fifty dollars or more for a bigger or more sophsticated one. The higher quality microbead pillow will last for years, and since you are sleeping approximately eight hours a day (or one would hope), it would be your best investment.

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